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A class apart!

I had the coolest class ever this past Friday. It was a Physiology class, early in the morning and I went grudgingly, for a number of reasons. The minute I got into the class, I completely forgot about the cold, hunger and most importantly, sleep!

The class was in the Medical School here and it was a demonstration of the circulatory system. There was a dummy (a shame to call it that) and it did everything but sit up and talk! The dummy had a pulse, a circulatory system and it even peed! God it was engineering at its sublime best, ‘cos every stream you could think of was playing a role in making the dummy ‘live’! The prof went on to demonstrate how the blood circulates and he measured the vital stats (not that) and it was like he was working on an actual person! There were monitors beeping and the prof had to give fluids and stuff to stabilize the pulse. He even did a CPR!

God, I’m in awe of the way they teach here and how seriously they take things. There’s a reason why Grad Schools are tough to get in!

More on Grad School soon…


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