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1. You can’t hit them on their head and roll back to sleep.

(That rules out throwing them against the wall or muffling them with a pillow)

2. You can’t shut them up for 5 minutes and then expect them to wake you up.

3. You cannot expect them to sing Humma Humma with the background music every morning. (Yes, that’s my alarm ring tone)

4. You cannot scowl at your girlfriend after you’ve woken up and go to the bathroom without saying Good Morning. (Ask me more on this. I am a wonderful morning person)

5. You cannot blame your girlfriend for ‘low batery’ or ‘AM/PM error’ or ‘vibration off’.

6. ‘Sorry I’m late for the date honey, the alarm didn’t go off” – Wont work. She is your alarm!

7. ‘Sorry sir, my alarm was tired after last night and overslept’ – Ouch.


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Not my job..

One of the professors in my department has this image pinned on the notice board, outside his office. A brilliant photo that shows everything (and philosophically the only thing) wrong with us…

Not my job...

Need I say more? 🙂

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