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Ever since I understood what you were saying, I have known you to start off sentences with “When I was your age…”. The first few times were okay. Fascinating even. But since my demand for a pencil with a rubber attached to it, for which you reminded me, quite ridiculously, you used your saliva and forefinger, I started getting annoyed. I have told you this many times, but every time I got a reply starting with the same phrase. Well, it’s time we had a talk. Son to father.

Let’s make a check list, okay? Your generation vs mine.

  • You guys walked miles to school. We used public buses, and not the fancy ones that I see running now, but the green-soap-box-like-45-degree-tilted-shit-ass-crowded PTC buses.
  • You had SSLC exams. We had 2 friggin’ board exams.
  • You slogged your asses off for the civil service exams. Have you seen the IIT exam questions?! Now don’t say I didn’t study properly!
  • You had no electricity after 7. We had tuition classes till 8.
  • You made your peace with the All India Radio. We had only Doordarshan and we loved it!
  • You had Sunil Gavaskar. Pfft.
  • Rajiv Gandhi. Um, I want to say Rahul Gandhi, but let’s pass that for now.
  • 1971 – respect. 1999 – respecter.
  • Rakesh Sharma – good job. ISRO – heh.
  • Premier Padmini. Okay, seriously?
  • The Krishnans. Bhupathi-Paes.
  • Indian Express. WikiLeaks.
  • Ilayaraja. ARR.
  • The Emergency. UPA II.
  • Did you like that Kerry Packer guy? Anyway, we have Lalit Modi.
  • Karunanidhi. Same to same.

Okay dad, it’s getting late. (Don’t give me that look!) Let’s make this quick. A million people have been waiting for this day to have this conversation with their dads. For 28 years, you have been harping on about the 1983 World Cup finals and frankly, I’m not even sure you saw the match! And if you did, on what? That old black-and-white National TV? Sigh, I pity you. April 2, 2011 via Willow TV on a HD screen. There, beat that!

Okay, I’ll give you Mile Sur and the more talented Padukone, but other than that, we are even!






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Among the many many things I’ve learned from Krish Ashok’s blog, I think what I learned today is the most priceless lesson in my life.

For over 20 years now, I’ve been thinking the colloquial name for a vest is cud baniyan. Turns out it’s cut baniyan! Oh geez! Someone tell me they’ve thought so too!

And oh, the post from which I learned this actually has content far far more important than this piece of revelation. Well, just about.

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And so it begins…

… like most else, because of pressure, frustration,  and the need to vent! It so happens (although very slowly in this case), that frustration overpowers lethargy and one day you seat yourself in front of the computer and start customizing templates for your blog. I’ve done that in the past and am doing it again. This time, I hope to put this to better use and hopefully continue for a longer time…

So what can you expect here? A potpourri of articles that voice my views* on things that are close to me. From movie and book reviews, to comments on political and social events and the inevitable ruminations of a life that was happier…

Happy reading! 🙂

* Voicing views. Hmmm… Something to think about…

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